Investment Property

Investment Property

Now is the perfect time to invest in rental property

Do you feel you are living payday to payday?
Are you struggling to put steps in place to provide for your later years?
Are you concerned about your financial future?

Have you ever considered investing in property?

Lots of New Zealanders own rental property – it has been a popular form of long term wealth creation over the years. Returns from property investment come from rental income and from any increase in the value of property over time (capital gains). 

Some of the main benefits of property investment are:

  • Create passive income to give you more choice
  • Pay off your home mortgage years earlier and save hundreds of thousands in interest costs
  • Build significant wealth through property appreciating in value
  • Most importantly, have peace of mind when it comes to your finances

Experts are saying the rental market is looking very robust and landlords are in the driver's seat with a lot of demand and not enough supply.

Right now interest rates are at records lows and if you factor in the high demand (meaning prices are going up) it all means that now is the perfect time to invest. Better still, if you own your own home you may not even need a deposit.

We can help get you into your own investment property so you can start securing your financial future.


For every person you refer who purchases an investment property you will receive $1,000 and they will too. It's our way of saying thanks.